The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Last modified 27 March 2006 01:10 Eastern Time

This event was a real blast. It takes place at the upper end of High Street just outside of Edinburgh Castle. Because it’s so popular, they really pack in the viewers. Fat people such as myself must watch ourselves. If you have a problem with crowds or with tight spaces, you might want to skip this. But in doing so, you’ll really miss something neat.

We got there before dark, and it became clear that there were a lot of people coming.

I'd been looking forward to a few hours of pipes and drums, and there certainly was some of that (34.8MB). But they also had other types of performances, such as young men on motorcycles, and military demonstrations. If you're sensitive to loud bangs, bring earplugs. I considered pretty much everything which wasn't pipes-and-drums to be filler, but I expect others felt differently. Since I didn't get my fill of pipes and drums, I've since added such to my CD collection. That's not, granted, anything like seeing it in person, but again, you do what you can.