Fort William

Last modified 27 July 2006 23:27 Eastern Time

After we left Urquhart Castle, our tour took us to Fort William, which is a town with a series of locks between Lochs, you might say.

Fort William locks

It’s fairly homey there, with a bunch of restaurants and taverns, which was good as we were there for lunch. I went to a place which was kind of separate from the other buildings, if I remember correctly, on the left side of the locks when looking from the bottom lock to the upper locks. The smaller white building there. I think I would have been better off if I'd eaten at a place a little further down from that one, with more seats by the lock and WiFi, but so be it.

Afterwards, I got some dessert from the place with the seats and WiFi, and ate it by the lock, where the folded white umbrellas are in the picture.

One Fort Williams lock, filled

I took a picture of a filled lock. It has fixtures like a swimming pool, which I suspect is nice in case you fall in. No one did while I was there, so I didn't get to see them pull themselves out.

While I did get a movie of a lock in operation, and another of boats moving into a lock, they're too slow and too large to post.

Now for the good pictures. (smile)

They do like their flower baskets in Fort William. If I remember correctly, there was a sign saying they'd won some sort of prize for their flower baskets, so I took note of one. I think they make a fine photograph, don't you?

Fort Williams flower basket

And here’s a bridge on the lower Loch between the parking and the town proper.

Bridge near Fort William

After lunch, we headed out again and ended up in Oban.