Howard S. Shubs

Greetings. I've got content for you! Some of it’s fairly old, unfortunately. I’m working on that.

My resume


I take pictures. Almost always with me, my camera sees some strange things, some funny things, some sad things, and some amazing things. I'm currently re-working the old images arrangement using jAlbum, which should get rid of broken links and stuff of interest to no one.

My most recent images are at my Flickr! page. Note: if you want to publish anything on this or any other page on, contact me at my e-mail address. We'll work something out.

Photo BucketHow to replace Photobucket


One of my favorite topics is bridges. I take pictures of them, and sometimes post them on Wikipedia. Not everything I image is appropriate for that site, so I've created a section here for them. At the moment, the only one available is the Bachelor Brook Bridge replacement project. There are more on my Flickr! page.


Right now, I've just got a recipe for pretzels. Be very careful. The results are worth it.

Info about the most important thing you can do with your computer

The worst will happen. Here’s how you can prepare for it.

Mike Jittlov, the Wizard of Speed and Time

I went to visit Mike at his home during the same trip where I visited Mojave in 2004. Here are the pictures which survived.


Genre literature conventions

Space Ship One launched from Mojave in 2004

I was there. Here are both launches as I saw them.

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